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with Howe's victory ended

The fifth stage of Women’s Grand Prix where 12 chess players participated came to an end.   Humpy Koneru was considered as the favorite of the Lopota tournament. She has won two stages. Bela Khotenashvii also had a good chance but unfortunately, she took the 11th place. The Georgia...
Only Dzagnidze and Yifan are Unbeatable

Only Georgian chess player Nana Dzagnidze and World’s current champion Hou Yifan remained in the 5th stage of the Grand Prix tournament after 6 rounds. The latter has 4.5 points and Dzagnidze is half a point behind her. In the 6th round Hou Yifan overcame her compatriot Zhu Venzhun. ...
Opening Ceremony

  A beautiful lake hidden in the surrounding mountains, with lots of ducks and swans feeling at home, clouds and woods offering a shelter against Georgia's torrid sun - welcome to the natural paradise in the, for some, Terra Incognita of Lopota! If we add the comfort at the highest European st...
Stefanova Hold the Joint Gaming Session in support of Azmaiparashvili

Today, on June 17, Antoaneta Stefanova, Bulgarian former World and European champion in chess among women, who takes part in World Grand-Prix in Georgia, hold the joint game session on 12 boards for diplomatic missions accredited in Georgia and the representatives of the Ministry. Among them was Mai...
Women’S FIDE Grand Prix

From June the 18th first in its history Kakheti, Georgia’s wonderful region, will host the strongest representatives of the world women chess.     It’s enough to mention that among players are the participants of the FIDE V stage of Grand prix 2013-2014. The tournament is t...

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